Abble Group offers a wide range of services for stainless steel products. Stainless steel is a material with extremely high durability and corrosion resistance, thanks to the content of chromium in its chemical composition. It becomes especially useful in the production and installation of products that are supposed to be very durable and long-lasting. We specialize in both welding and assembly services in the food & beverage, dairy and pharmaceutical industries. We offer assembly of new piping systems, as well as all kinds of modifications and reinforcements of existing installations. We undertake the assembly of machines, belt conveyors and entire processing lines. Our staff also works in factories that produce stainless steel equipment. Abble Group is responsible for selecting qualified staff, choosing appropriate equipment, organizing transportation and accommodation for Abble personnel.
We offer TIG welding of pipelines, platforms, skids and structures made of stainless steel. This method allows obtaining a high-quality joint and leads to good control of the welding process and its timing. We operate modern FRONIUS equipment. For Abble welders, we employ only qualified specialists who can use their knowledge and experience in various projects.
Orbital welding gives the possibility of precise settings allowing us to obtain desired weld quality. We use innovative ORBITALUM welding machines with closed heads enabling welding of pipes with diameters from 20 to 115 mm and with open heads with a range of 70 – 170 mm in diameter of welded pipes. Reliable equipment and experienced professionals ensure high-quality welded joints used, among others, in the pharmaceutical industry.
Our offer is not limited only to welding – we also effectively perform all kinds of installations of machines, devices or entire technological lines. We take care of every detail, which is why the customer can be guaranteed careful assembly of the individual elements and the subsequent start-up of the devices and process systems.
Various types of stainless steel products are made in our workshop. In order to perform the orders as precisely and accurately as possible, we operate on the basis of technical documentation provided by the client. We provide quality products such as: valve stations/skids, small tanks, platforms, containers, stainless steel pallets, drip trays and constructions made of stainless steel pipes and profiles. The Abble Group workshop can offer short delivery times and flexibility in an implementation of design changes.
Before starting on a project, we plan activities and determine its details: scope of the project, time frame, level of quality required, type of tests necessary to confirm quality and the qualifications of our employees. We make sure to understand the client’s needs. After receiving the necessary information, we proceed to planning: the number of employees necessary for implementation, their expertise, necessary certificates and getting the equipment, transport and accommodation ready. The project is carried out with quality checks and in compliance with norms and standards. A comprehensive approach to each client allows for effective and trouble-free implementation of the project.