Abble Group offers welding, fitting and assembly services for stainless steel process installations in the field as well as in manufacturing workshops.

Abble Group was founded in the Netherlands in 2011. Since then, we have been providing stainless steel welding, fitting and assembly services in factories and on-site installations both in Poland, in Europe and worldwide.We specialize in food & beverage, dairy, pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries and we are open to all kinds of projects – proposed by larger contractors as well as by small and medium-sized enterprises.
Abble Group realized its first large pharmaceutical project in 2014. We started operations in Poland in 2019 and then we expanded to the Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Austria, Great Britain, Ireland, Norway and Sweden. In 2020 we continued to grow, with projects in Dubai, Egypt and the United States. Abble Group is constantly introducing innovations, training personnel and developing in conjunction with the industry.


We have extensive experience offering our services in many European countries and this allows us to continuously improve our skills and choose the best tools and equipment to use. The successive execution of international projects depends to a large extent on very good communication with our clients. We have an international sales department consisting of experienced managers from the Netherlands and the United States that take care of the best possible relationships with international customers and who ensure constant contact and adequate problem solving.
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Abble Group – welding and assembly services – process installations


EN ISO 3834-2
EN ISO 15614

The quality of our activities is confirmed by certifications of compliance with standards, e.g. EN ISO 3834-2 – approving our welding processes and EN ISO 15614 – regarding welding technologies. We work while maintaining all standards and good practices of the welding industry.


In our work we are inspired by Sir Winston Churchill’s words:

“Never, never give up”.

The staff of Abble Group, with many years of work expertise, is carefully selected for each individual project. This guarantees good cooperation and successful execution of the order.

We can also be proud of the best equipment, which guarantees high quality of the task. By choosing Abble Group, you get individual, personalized service.

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